Competella Office User Add-on's

Skype for Business is a great tool for Collaboration and User centric communication - it however have a few gaps which the Competella fills in with the Office User Add-ons. 

With Competella, the Skype for Business user add-on licenses are available for use and optimizing the communication in your company.

The Competella Office User Add-ons consists of the following products. 


Competella Availability Voice Agent

Inform callers of your return time and avoid abandoned calls

Competella Availability Voice Agent Voicemail

Competella AVA Voicemail is a good alternative for Customer that need to replace Exchange UM in order to stay on-prem.

Competella IVR Express

Build your IVR Workflow smoothly,  both as stand alone or as part of Competella Attendant Console & Contact Centers 

Competella Routing Agent

Busy on Busy and route calls based on presence state

Competella Call Forwarding Tool

Change forwarding settings on behalf of  your colleagues

Competella Mobile Presence Gateway

See if your colleague is idle or busy in a call on the mobile

Competella Activity Management

With a simple abbreviation you can inform the reception what you are doing and when you will be back

Competella Availability Voice Agent

For a Skype for Business user the Competella Availability Voice Agent reduces the number of return calls by informing the caller with a personal welcome greeting and information of when you are back according to your calendar and it can even give the caller an IVR menu of where to be routed (voicemail, reception, secretary etc.)

The Competella Availability Voice agents enhances the service for callers and saves time for your reception and customers!

Competella Availability Voice Agent Voicemail

The AVA Voicemail is an optional add on-product to the Competella AVA (Availability Agent) and provides a classic voicemail functionality for all users in your organization. Since the AVA Voicemail functionality is integrated with the AVA there will be a seamless voice flow with greeting, automatic availability information and now also with the option to leave voice message. The AVA Voicemail option will help you to provide more alternative to reach you and with the extended AVA voicemail functionality you will provide and even faster and efficient service for your customers when you are not available.

Competella AVA Voicemail is a good alternative for Customer that need to replace Exchange UM in order to stay on-prem.

Competella IVR Express

The Competella IVR Express is an administrator friendly solution with a web based graphical user interface. The web based administration let you build your menu-structure and workflow smooth and easy. The unlimited level of layers in a workflow gives the administrator the freedom to solve the requirements presented by the business owners. You can choose to use the TTS Text to Speak option, professional recorded announcements or a combination of both.

Competella IVR Express is available as a stand alone solution as well as in conjunction with Contact Center Workgroup, Contact Center Enterprise and Attendant Console

Further information about Competella IVR Express - click here

Competella Routing Agent

Competella Routing Agent – route callers based on your presence state and focus on the current call

The Competella Routing agent solution routes callers based on your Skype for Business presence status, this means that you can avoid being disturbed while in a Skype call, conference call and even when you are busy. Callers can either be rerouted to another destination (secretary, voicemail etc) or it can be configured to give a busy tone.

Competella Routing Agent helps you being efficient and it reduces the number of abandoned calls!


Competella Call Forwarding Tool

With the Competella Call Forwarding Tool you can change Skype for Business forwarding on behalf of colleagues

Secretaries or other Competella Call Forwarding Tool users can manage forwarding for others through a web-interface

Enable, change or disable forwarding

Enable, change or disable simultaneous ringing

Competella Call Forwarding Tool is also used as a Boss - Secretary tool

Competella Mobile Presence Gateway

Competella Mobile Presence Gateway – see colleague’s mobile presence in Skype for Business

Improve collaboration between your mobile and office employees with Competella Mobile Presence Gateway and Skype for Business by federating Service-provider mobile line status to Skype for Business. The Competella Mobile Presence Gateway is integrated to selected Service providers in the North of Europe and requires typically a subscription by the service provider.

Your employees can save time and avoid unnecessary calls with the Mobile Presence Gateway from Competella as they will be able to see the mobile line state directly in Skype before they call.

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Stepwise migration or rip and replace

Our solution portfolio is designed together with Teams and Skype for Business to co-exist with legacy PBX implementations during a migration scenario. The co-existence option guarantees the company investment protection and makes it possible to make a stepwise migration at a pace your company can handle. Alternatively, you can choose to rip and replace in order to obtain immediate benefits of the Competella Contact Centers and Attendant solution.

Competella CS is a native Teams and Skype for Business solution

The Competella solutions are natively integrated to Teams and Skype for Business as recommended by Microsoft. This means that all calls are handled inside the Teams or Skype for Business topology, which reduces the complexity and minimizes the risk of errors. No extra SIP stack or server is needed to handle the distribution of SIP RTP stream as it is done inside the Teams or Skype for Business topology.

The Competella Unified Communication Suite – built to ease your customer interaction

The Competella Unified Communication Suite is integrated natively with Skype for Business and is developed to improve communication between the company and customers / citizens across multiple media like Voice, Email. Web-chat, Video and Text Messaging.

The Competella modularity offers solutions to support the departments and processes, enabling employees to handle and provide efficient professional customer service. The portfolio consists of 3 areas

Attendant Console

Office user add-ons

Contact Centers