Competella IVR Express

The Competella IVR Express is an administrator friendly solution with a web based graphical user interface. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) can help you solve and extract data more efficiently and with a higher quality of control to ensure the optimal communication of the Competella Express solutions. The Competella IVR will allow your employees to structure their workflow more efficiently thus leading to a better customer service.

The web based administration let you build your menu-structure and workflow smooth and easy. The unlimited level of layers in a workflow gives the administrator the freedom to solve the requirements presented by the business owners. You can choose to use the TTS Text to Speak option, professional recorded announcements or a combination of both. Both options are easy to understand in the web based administration without further education or knowledge as we here at Competella Solutions want to ensure an optimal data-extraction and workflow.

Competella IVR Express is available as a stand alone solution as well as in conjunction with Contact Center WorkgroupContact Center Enterprise and Attendant Console

The Competella IVR Express is easy to manage and can be used both as a stand-alone solution or as an add-on for Competella contact centers as well as attendant console.

The Competella IVR Express lets you configure multiple sip endpoints as IVR workflows.

  • Multiple layers and sub layers
  • Text to speach
  • Upload announcements
  • Scheduling - also with Microsoft Outlook calendar
  • Voice-mail for queues
  • Prompt recorder feature - from phone
  • Open or close queues
  • IVR traffic reporting
  • Easy to configure

For a contact center, it is important to operate effectively and therefore, the Competella IVR Express will allow you to capture customer interactions more efficiently from a quality management perspective.

For creating and building various workflow applications, it is important to specify and outline the needs of your company, but however when done, the IVR express solution from Competella will allow a better and more efficient unified contact center.

Advanced IVR scripts

For advanced users, there is also the option to create customized and more advanced IVR scripts that are suited to the individual company needs. 



Stepwise migration or rip and replace

Our solution portfolio is designed together with Skype for Business to co-exist with legacy PBX implementations during a migration scenario. The co-existence option guarantees the company investment protection and makes it possible to make a stepwise migration at a pace your company can handle and have the resources for. Alternatively, you can choose to rip and replace in order to obtain immediate benefits of the Competella Contact Centers and Attendant solution, which some companies choose to do to ensure an optimal start of their new and more efficient communications solution.


Competella UCS is a native Skype for Business solution

The Competella solutions are natively integrated to Skype for Business as recommended by Microsoft. This means that all calls are handled inside the Skype for Business topology, which reduces the complexity and minimizes the risk of errors. No extra SIP stack or server is needed to handle the distribution of SIP RTP stream as it is done inside the Skype for Business topology.

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