Competella Contact Center Workgroup - easy to deploy, manage and maintain!

The Competella Contact Center Workgroup is a mid-range Contact Center built on Microsoft Skype for Business and used by many companies who wants features and functions beyond the level of Microsoft Call Queue. The advantages are many with the Competella Contact Center Workgroup as an example there is no client application software to distribute and maintain for the IT department – all call handling can be done with the native Teams client, making it a very advanced contact center to utilize. The scalability with Competella Contact Center Workgroup has proofed extremely high with our current customers who utilize it for many thousand agents and thousands of queues in production, thus making it an optimal contact center for Microsoft Skype for Business.

Extending customer service to the corporate website or intranet

The corporate website is easily added to the Contact Center as an extra channel for the customers, with chat, voice, or even video. This means that your customer service agents can focus on improving service and sales through the corporate web - and pursue the value of first call resolution with Competella Contact Center Workgroup for higher customer satisfaction and end to end authentication for contact centers.


Socialize with your customers – real-time

Social media can be a powerful tool for marketing. We have therefore incorporated Facebook chat queues into the Competella Contact Center Workgroup – giving you the opportunity to help and service those who want to chat with the company through the corporate Facebook site. 


Fact based customer service, statistics for coaching, management and planning

It is not easy to manage a Contact Center department and perform workforce management without any statistics to rely on. The Competella web-based statistics give you a solid foundation for building your reporting which can be used to document your queue and agent service level. The Competella Statistics reports will give you the figures to plan ahead so you can determine how many agents you should have on duty at which times.If you analyze the agent stats you will also be able to spot the star workers in your departments and you can start to share best practice across your workforce to obtain better utilization and customer service! 

The effects of tracking call statistics is becoming more and more relevant for bigger companies who are looking for a more lean and efficient workflow of their agents/employees.


Your chance to manage and react – live service level overview

Without the Competella Queue Monitor wall board you might not know when the steam goes up in your Contact Center queues. The Queue Monitor is web based and easy to configure with the parameters that you need to supervise the current service level of your Contact Center queues real-time. It can also be shown on multiple screens or projectors to update your agents on the current status!

This live overview and callboard will reduce "down-times" and help to maintain and even increase the high level of service from your Contact Center and queues.


High agent flexibility and a flat learning curve

The agents would normally use the Skype for Business or Lync application for all call handling. However, Competella Workgroup Contact Center takes the agent further with the possibility to use simultaneous ring – calls are then offered in the Skype for Business client and on e.g. the agent’s mobile phone. Should the agent need to answer calls on another phone number during certain periods or simultaneous ringing, the Competella Workgroup Contact Center supports this. Agent log-on to the Contact Center, selection of queues and answering device are easily done through a browser making the whole process  more advanced and flexible.


Automation increasing efficiency by using workflows and providing relevant information

If you want the customer to do some of the work or just provide information before distributing the call, the Competella IVR is ideal for use in front of the queues where the customers can select what skill or department they want to talk to. By using either phone number or digit collection in the IVR the Workgroup Contact Center can provide CRM Screen pop integration giving your agent relevant information and thus offering efficient customer service.


Scheduled and hardcore call distribution managed through Competella Webmanagement

The Competella Workgroup Contact Center is a real Contact Center that can handle thousands of agents, calls, voice video and chat queues and it is fully configurable with agent’s settings, announcements, opening hours, holiday settings, overflow on threshold and other settings. You can even distribute administration rights to supervisors. The solution is also manageable by system engineers through Powershell cmdlets.


Scalability to the extreme with a featureset above Response Group Service

We have several customers with above a thousand agents and our biggest customer utilizes more than 9000 agents and 2000 queues on a  daily basis with the Competella Contact Center Workgroup.

Requirements not fulfilled - then have a look at the Competella Contact Center Enterprise solution for High-end features.

Image 1: The Web multimedia solution for chat / voice and video can be embedded into your corporate website / intranet for customer interaction with the Contact Center.


Image 2: If your company are using Facebook for Social Media Marketing – you can bring the customers even closer to you by allowing them to chat directly with your Contact Center from Facebook.


Image 3: The Competella Statistics is a tool for workforce planning based on queue and agent performance.


Image 4: The Competella Queue Monitor creates a real-time statistical overview on the queue load.


Image 5: The Agent Access let the agent choose on what device to answer calls (e.g. Teams, Skype for Business or Mobile), select queues or log out. It also provides queue load and service level information.


Image 6: With the Competella IVR you can easily build your call workflow tree structures.


Image 7: The Competella Web Administration lets you change queue flow, announcements, scheduling and delegate administration rights to different users.


The Competella Contact Center Workgroup features with modules some of the following highlights 

  • Support for simultaneous ring in Teams, Skype or Lync
  • Use any device to receive calls (also for non Teams/Skype users)
  • No extra client needed – less IT distribution and support (use Teams/Skype client)
  • Advanced Call Distribution
  • Skills based routing
  • Supervisor force agent
  • Web chat queues
  • Web Voice and Video queues
  • Web Content-Sharing


  • Rich web based statistics – for management purposes
  • Report scheduling - sent by e-mail
  • Realtime web Queue monitor Wallboard
  • Queue information – number in queue
  • CRM integration possible
  • Advanced IVR
  • Easy web administration of skills, call flow, scheduling, etc.
  • Powershell cmd let configuration
  • Highly scalable


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Migrate stepwise or rip and replace

Our solution portfolio is designed together with Skype for Business to co-exist with legacy PBX implementations during a migration scenario. The co-existence option guarantees the company investment protection and makes it possible to make a stepwise migration at a pace your company can handle. Alternatively, you can choose to rip and replace in order to obtain immediate benefits of the Competella Contact Centers and Attendant solution to ensure a "new slate" for Skype for Business Competella solutions.

Competella UCS is a native Skype for Business solution

The Competella solutions are natively integrated to Skype for Business as recommended by Microsoft. This means that all calls are handled inside the Skype for Business topology, which reduces the complexity and minimizes the risk of errors. No extra SIP stack or server is needed to handle the distribution of SIP RTP stream as it is done inside the Skype for Business topology.


The Competella Unified Communication Suite – built to ease your customer interaction

The Competella Unified Communication Suite – built to ease your customer interaction

The Competella Unified Communication Suite is integrated natively with Skype for Business and is developed to improve communication between the company and customers / citizens across multiple media like Voice, Email. Web-chat, Video and Text Messaging.

The Competella modularity offers solutions to support the departments and processes, enabling employees to handle and provide efficient professional customer service. The portfolio consists of 3 areas

Contact Centers

Attendant Console

Office user add-ons