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The Competella Attendant Console for Teams is designed and developed in collaboration with receptionists. It is the anwer to their daily challenges in delivering excellent service for all incoming calls to the company´s front number. 


With a full overview of current calls, calls waiting and logged-on receptionist status, synced with the company´s Microsoft Teams, Exchange calendar and mobile presence, the receptionist can easily focus on their main task: to deliver smooth customer service. 



The reception is the face of the company the customers will meet every time they call the main number 

Callers asks for specific persons, subjects, skills, departments and much more. The receptionist is typically bombarded with questions every day to be directed in the right direction. The Competella Attendant Console has an integrated directory that integrates to Azure Active Directory with very fast and advanced search features to enable the receptionist to find the best recipient of the call. This advanced feature and solution is mostly known as the Competella Attendant Console, Receptionist Console or Competella Operator Console.


Is she available now?

To find the right person is a good step of the way, and the Competella solution of course includes Microsoft Teams Presence informaiton in the directory overview. The receptionist can even talk to the colleague directly from the Attendant Console before transferring the caller, which greatly influences the call forwarding management and secures a good service. 


When will he be back?

Many companies can reap the benefits of the Competella Exchange integration, which gives the receptionist a full overview of the colleague calendar and when the colleague is available again. This calendar presence integration is of course fully supported to fully integrate with the Attendant Console and operator console.


Can you ask her to call me back or can I leave a message?

To send phones messages is highly automated with the Competella Attendant Console. It auto inserts the predefined text and the caller phone number in an e-mail – the receptionist just needs to get the name of the caller and press send!


Sophisticated call handling improves the service!

Receptionists can handle calls in a number of ways, including direct transfer, presented transfer, camp on busy, parking of calls and much more. The caller can receive music on hold, queue announcements and announcements making the call handling more sophisticated and effective.


How is the temperature in your reception?

The Competella Attendant Console comes with a web based statistics portal to generate reports in order to document service level, plan ahead and help knowledge transfer and coaching of the receptionists. The real-time situation can also be monitored on the Competella Quality Monitor wallboard.


Calls can be queued, distributed, with announcements and call flow of your choice!

The administrator can set up opening hours scheduling, skill sets, audio message announcements and general call flow with the Administration portal.


Competella Attendant Console so much more than Teams Auto Attendant

The Competella Attendant Console is an enterprise grade solution which outperform most competitor solutions for Teams.

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Image 1: The Competella Attendant Console has an overview on queues, calls, receptionists and contact history. The colleague is searched by skill and shows Teams Presence.


Image 2: The receptionist can see when the colleague returns according to Exchange calendar and based on the information choose how to handle the call.


Image 3: The Quality Monitor shows a realtime overview of the queue service level.


Image 4: The web statistics provides a detailed overview on the load, utilization and is a tool for knowledge sharing and planning.


Image 5: The management portal let you do the daily add's moves and changes of schdules, queues, receptionists announcments and much more.


Image 6: The IVR Express lets you do easy configuration of workflows and schdeuling to smoothen distribution of calls to differents departments.


The Competella Attendant Console features with modules some of the following highlights

  • Rich Client with queue and attendant overview
  • Keyboard shortkey handling
  • Cherry-pick calls from queues
  • Automatic distribution of calls
  • Consult and direct transfer
  • Park and hold
  • Send e-mail with A-number auto insert and predefined text 
  • Supervisor force agent state 
  • Manipulate A-number by outbound calls



  • Microsoft teams Presence
  • Call Recording
  • Azure Active directory synchronization
  • Exchange Calendar integration
  • Mobile line state integration (region and provider dependent)
  • Advanced IVR
  • CRM integration possible
  • IVR Callback – queue buster 
  • Rich statistics - web based
  • Report scheduling - sent by e-mail
  • Realtime web Queue monitor
  • Web administration of skills, call flow etc.



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