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Competella Communication Suite for Teams is a cloud-based version of Competella’s communication platform. It has been developed for customers and partners who are currently using or planning to use Microsoft Teams for telephony.

The Competella Cloud Services and the Competella Communication Suite for Teams are built on Microsoft Azure and the native Teams Calling API from Microsoft. With an easy deployment procedure, you can setup and connect your Office365 tenant to the Competella Cloud Services and start to use the applications in the Competella Communication Suite. To provide a high level of security all applications and interfaces are using Identity Server for authentication and all external communications are encrypted to protect the integrity and confidentiality of data sent over the Internet.




The objective is to eventually implement all the functionality available in the on-prem Competella Unified Communication Suite and more functionality is added often. As of 2020-07-14, the available functions are Contact Center Workgroup, Quality Monitor and Attendant Console.


Contact Center Workgroup

With the Competella Contact Center Workgroup (CCW) you can provide an easy-to-use group number and contact center functionality for your teams in your organization based on the Microsoft Teams technology.


Attendant Console

Competella Attendant Console (AC) is designed to support the company in delivering precise service for callers to the company's main number.


Quality Monitor

The Competella Quality Monitor (QM) provides real-time monitoring of all queues and agents. You can get an online view of e.g. how many calls are waiting in a queue, how many agents are busy in a call and average waiting time for incoming calls.


Contact Center Enterprise 

The full Contact Center Enterprise for Teams functionality is planned to be generally available in the autumn of 2020.


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